Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First Yudu in 18 months!

I did a spot of Yudu'ing today. It took me 1 hour and a half to dig it out from under the loft bed in the spare room from behind the golf clubs and boxes. But now it is taking pride and place again on the dining table - where it should be!

I made my little boy Max a very cool T-Shirt - simple but i think it looks super cool. I just used the template method - not a properly exposed screen. I just cut out the letters from some sticker and stuck it on the back of the screen. So it's a genuine "One-Off" design!
You can see here the sticker stuck on the reverse of the screen IMPORTANT NOTE: when you do it this way you need to reverse the design (yep i forgot the first time and had to recut it! It's be a while!)
I put on the paint - i did it long ways. And there you go! When he wakes up tomorrow morning i will whack it on him and take another photo!

And here is apicture of Max today at the beach for good measure - damn i make good babies!

He looks very pensive. There is a word of the day for ya!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Patterns for Toddlers

Here is a bunch of great easy tutorials and patterns for toddlers and little kiddies.

The Pillowcase Dress Tutorial at Freshly Picked.

Tutu Pattern at Chic 'n Joy. Big Butt Baby Pants (perfect for Max) from Made by Rae.

Here is a great collection of all the ones for boys over at Sew Mamma Sew.
Including Easy Kids Pants at Rookie Moms.

One of the best tutorials i have seen is for a little girls dress made from a buttoned mens shirt - there are a few around but here are the best i have seen

On Craftster. Very cute with frilly sleeves and buttons down the back.

At Made. Love the buttons down the front.

And this post here on Craftster even has the pants made form the sleeves.

So get sewing everyone!

One Year On

It's been a year since the birth of my beautiful boy Max. It has gone so fast and been amazing to watch something we created grow up so quickly. Look at him!

We are so lucky. He has had no problems whatsoever. He is a extremely happy kid, if i keep him feed and well rested he is just happy all the time. He giggles at everything and makes everyone around him smile. Such a beautiful, gentle nature. I am hoping to get crafting again so - i can feel the bug coming back! I get emails about my Yudu and it makes me want to screen print Max some shirts! Stay Tuned!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet My New Arrival!

At 3am in the morning on the 6th of July (3 weeks and 3 days before i was due to have my little bundle of joy) i woke from a dream about the TV show Masterchef. It involve a mixing a bowl of liquid that kept spilling over the edge, and i woke with a start with an urge to go the the toilet, i rang to the toilet and felt a rush of liquid and looked down and saw a trickle of water running down my let.

“Troy, i think my waters just broke!”

“What, are you sure?”

After seeing the state of my undies, he was sure!

After calling the hospital who said not to hurry in, i got some work organised that i had been doing and put a few final things in my bag. I has spent the last 2 days furiously cleaning (and crying when my husband wouldn’t help me – i must have seemed like a nut job!) and packing my hospital bag, i remember thinking to myself “i am having my baby this weekend” even though it was not due for weeks, strange!

I was feeling excited, but scared. Was the bub to early – would there be problems? I thought back to all the times during my pregnancy i wished it would come early, thinking i can’t possibly get any BIGGER! I had already put on 20 kilos and received looks of surprise and horror when i told people i still had 4 weeks to go. Had i wished my baby out to early? Did i walk and clean to much the precious days? Had i done something to cause this? Is everything going to be okay? As well as “Thank god i left week the previous work, at least i got 1 weeks off, instead of the month i was suppose to have!”

Troy and i travelled to the hospital at 5am, i got nervous when he decided to take a whole new, untried route to the hospital but he drove calmly and slowly (unusual for my husband).

We arrived at the Maternity ward and was taken to the birthing suite, it had a lounge area with a couch and TV, a multi-adjustable bed in another area with a TV and large shower. I was put on a monitor watching foetal movement and the baby’s heart rate. I weight for my Obstetrician who luckily was on call that day, she arrived at 8am and suggested that i get induced, she said most people’s whose waters brake before contractions don’t go into natural labour.

So at 9.50am i was put in the Oxytocin. Contractions started slowly over the next two hours, from a “period pain” like cramp that developed into excruciating painful contractions. I used gas, which totally whacked me out at the start. Troy laughed at me because i was talking funny. I remember having to turn the radio of because the sounds were vibrating in my head.

At around 1pm i was checked and i had only become 4cm dilated and was at the end of my pain threshold. The “epidural” word came up, i was hoping to avoid this, and try pethidine but we were worried about how the pethidine would after a premature baby, would it make it hard for it to breath? I was told it is normally 1cm an hour so i still had 5-6 hours to go, i said “give me the epidural!” The relief was quick and for the first time in 3 hours i relaxed and smiled. The contraction pain was gone but i still felt pressure and discomfort during each contraction which over time got worse and worse. I could still lift my legs up! I had expected to be completely numb from the waist down.

The pressure got worse and worse and the need to push came.

Sitting my hands behind my thighs and my legs in the air i pushed and pushed and pushed.

I felt like my pelvis was being ripped apart, i screamed in pain after each push. I was fully dilated and it was time for bubs to come.

But he didn’t.

My obstetrician came in and pushed and pushed again and still nothing. After 1hour of pushing i was tired and exhausted and in excruciating pain constantly.

“I can’t do it again”

“Just breathe and relax” – “you can do it Hon”

But Bubs was just not coming out – forceps were tried, which felt like i was being ripped apart

Still no luck.

Next suction, and after what felt like 10 contractions and what felt like someone trying to pull my spine out through my vagina we had success.

“Do you want to touch it’s head?’

I reached down and feel a slimy, boney ball. That was my baby!

After another push his upper body was pulled out. I could see it’s little body, all white and slimy, it’s curled up arms and screwed up face under the bright lights. It’s legs were still inside me, and i used every last bit of energy i had (which had actually run out about 2 hours ago) and with a final contraction and push it was out. At last a feeling of relief from pain and a little bundle of arms and legs were placed on my chest.

Poor bub and his big forcep mark on his face

”Have you looked what it is?”

I glimpsed down, the umbilical cord was tangled up in its legs but i didn’t see any ‘bits’.

“I think it’s a girl”

The cord moved out of the way.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s a boy! Hi Max!”

A boy my husband and i had created, that i carried around in my belly for 36 weeks and 3 days, that had kicked me in the middle of the night & performed side stretches that made me jump, had turned my boobs into saggy moosh bags and my belly into a taut uncomfortable ball.

He was out of my belly and lying on my chest, with as little screwed up face covered in gunk.

Born at 6.25pm on the 5th of July
37cm Head Circumference
47cm Long

His breathing was short grunts, he was taken by the nurses and checked over and it was decided that he needed to be taken to the Special Care Nursery and check over and put in a humidicrib to get his breathing right. Troy went along and i was left on the bed, alone, with my placenta sitting in a tray close by. I didn’t feel alone, scared or annoyed that everyone had left me, i just felt relief and shock.

I rang my best friends, Brett and Bron and don’t really remember what i said just that i was so happy.

Troy came back with all good news, i just had to weigh for the epidural to wear off so i could go and see him at the nursery.

After a shower i was wheeled to see Max. He was in a humidi-crib with tubes and sensors everywhere. He was o cute and sweet with his bruised and battered head from the delivery. His chubby cheeks, little cried that remind me of lamb and his constant hiccups. His little eyes slowly opening to gaze into mine for the first time.

His sore head from the suction

Over the next few days as he woke up more i started feeding him and replacing his tube feeds, by the Thursday i was getting 5/5 marks for his feeds and they took the tubes out, he was on the road to coming home on Saturday but he stared getting yellow – VERY yellow so he had to go under some UV lamps for 24 hours, with little covers over his eyes to help get the jaundice under control.

Everytime i had to leave him in the nursery and go back to my room i cried. It was amazing how much love i had already for my little man, it ached inside to be away from him. I was told when i was pregnant that having a child is like having a piece of your soul outside your body – in your child. This description scared me, like i would be losing a part of myself, but all i feel is full of love and this overwhelming urge to protect my son. I joke with Troy that i am a tiger and he is my cub !

I am daunted by my new job as mother, worried i am going to make mistakes, that i won’t know what to do, but i know i am going to do the best i possibly can and i couldn’t love anybody as much as i love Max and Troy right now.

I am the luckiest woman in the world.

He looks drunk after i feed him :-)

This was 6 weeks ago! How the time has flown, my little man is growing ferociously, he is getting so heavy. I feel like i have spent the last 6 weeks sleeping, breastfeeding and trying to get to slept. Everything is going well just spending my time looking after Max. He is a good baby, doesn't cry heaps, sleeps lots. I can't wait for when he smiles, (he only smiles in his sleep at the moment) i love dressing him up and taking photos of him.

The thankyou card photo i got printed out

These are my two favourite outfits.

Puppy Feet

Polar Bears

and Stripes

Anyways - just thought i would share my joy with you all, i am sure in the near future i will have spare time again to craft but at the moment i am crafting a baby!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Something Looks Fishy!

The first item i purchased to start decorating the baby room was a plain Nappy Stacker from Spotlight for $5.

I took my trip to Spotlight and did my usual baby brain shop of aimlessly wandering around, with no plan to what i am actually doing and ending up at the checkout with a basket full of stuff i don't actually need, but managed to end up with some felt and some fabric that reminded me of The Rainbow Fishes shimmery scales.

I traced around The Rainbow Fish from the book i am using as inspiration and created this fish.

I really like the scales, kind of a Japanese feel to them i reckon! I also stitched some reedy/seaweed stuff on the sides too.

Next was more fish to use around the room, i think these will go on the curtains. (the next mission!)

and some little fish too..

So as you can see i am getting some creativity back into my life for the first time since we moved houses in November, it feels great, and i am sure it will give me plenty to do when i finish work in two weeks. My husband is getting flashbacls to previous crafty spurts when the whole house was covered in fabric and crap.

So next is the curtains, i am thinking a blockout curtain in the window frame and a translucent one over the top with my fishes sewn on..... another trip to Spotlight!!! (this time i am making a list!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Story So Far....

I am 33 weeks pregnant - the baby is due on the 29th of July and i have started being creative again!

It started with painting the nursery. Back is this post i had considered having an underwater theme based on the book The Rainbow Fish.

In my brain i had the concept of being underwater and have the water line above my head, and having this waterline as kind of a border around the top of the room. The colours of blue, teal and purple. So after stealing loads of colour samples from Bunnings (though the amount of money i have spent there in the last 3 months i should have shares in Bunnings) i came up with this colour scheme.

Ice Pack Quarter (bottom left) for the main walls, Lagoona Teal (bottom middle) for the wave, or water line and Spritzig Quarter (bottom right) as the sky above the water line.

As usual what i have in my head and actually executing the idea are two different things, and, as usual, i forget that i am carrying around one hell of a baby belly (i will get to that later - it is HUMONGOUS!). So i had Husband's help with the main wall bit but did the roof, waves and sky all by my self (mostly while he was playing Playstation or making baked goods like scones for me - my pregnancy craving).

So here it is. I am very happy with it and the colour are so peaceful. My wave in 2 parts are a little spaz but i am so happy with it.

The room is still in a bit of a shambles, we haven't decided whether to have the cot in our room, as recommended by the SIDS people (sudden infant death syndrome) for the first few months or to put in straight in the baby room (any advice from anyone is appreciated!!). so we haven't put it up yet.

The change table in the picture above was bought cheap on ebay and i sanded it back and painted it myself, i love it! but i gave up on doing the same with a 2nd hand cot i bought and purchased another on from Ikea. (after a Keno win!).

So... next is to decorate!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Calling All Mums and Dads!

All you Mummys and Daddys out there - i would love to here your thoughts on:

Baby's Items/Products You Couldn't Live Without?

Prams - What Prams are Best/Worst?

Best Piece of Baby Advice.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Peanut Update

I'm 20 Weeks Now! Any this is my beautiful baby, Peanut.

Everything is 100% normal (as normal as someone like my Husband and I can produce). We have chosen not to find out what sex the baby is, which i have found is a nightmare when shopping for things - the only choices i have are green and yellow! - oh well - i will have to start sewing again.

During the 20 week scan i had a very shy baby - hands and arms in front of the face during the whole thing.

Sorry - no photos! What a cute little hand!

My camera has decided to stop working but i have sanded and painted the change table and the next mission is the cot - once they are done i am going to start making some bedding etc.

I am feeling really good - except for the extra 7 kilos i am lugging around which i swear is mostly in my gigantic boobs, the ultrasound lady pleasantly reminded me that the baby still has to get 10 times bigger than it is right now - holy crap - i feel so taut and stretched already!

Other than searching for the ultimate pram (is there one?) and waiting, waiting and waiting i haven't been up to much. I plan to sew and making things but never get around to it - instead i am organising my craft room still after our move last November.

This is me and my protruding belly at 18 weeks (Yes i was only 18 weeks, no i am not having twins) as my Friend Jo's little girl, Neve said - you are going to have a very big baby!

And this is a random - but very impressive Bromeliad flower just just sprouted in 2 days in my garden, it is the length of my arm!
Well that's it for today- i know my craft blog has gone to the dogs but i haven't given up hope - hopefully you won't either!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making the Baby Bedding

I have made a start at working out my Rainbow Fish design for the baby room. I will be applique/quilting a few things for around the room.

I have traced over the design in Adobe Illustrator, so i can work out the parts and break them up. The colours only represent the different parts - i will be using teals, purples, and blues.

These are all the parts organised by fabric colour that i need to cut out - the grey will be a metallic fabric. The others will different shades of a batik fabric, like in this post with under the sea fabric choices.

I can just scale them up in illustrator and print out my pattern to any size i need....

Off to the baby doctor this afternoon so i will have more pictures of peanut! I am 16 weeks and 4 days now - getting close to half way -- whoot whoot!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Gold Coast - Beaches and Cane Toads

Welcome all you Blogtrotters! Blog-Trotting is a blog that highlights a different city in Amercia and the World everyday through other people blogs and today (or tomorrow depending which country you are in) is the day for..

The Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

The Gold Coast is a relatively new city compared to all others in Australia, it was established under the name "The Gold Coast" in 1958 as a major tourist destination. Back then the population was around 50,00, today it is nearly 500,000.
The tourists flock to the Gold Coast for some of the best beaches in the world, the night light of Surfers Paradise and the great shopping. I live in a suburb called Coombabah, the word is Aboriginal for "Home of Turtles". It is just north of Surfers Paradise, the most popular suburb of The Gold Coast. We moved here last November because my husband is building the new Gold Coast Hospital at Labrador (yes.... thats the name of a suburb!) This is his building sight, 6kms from home.

This is my little piece of paradise - my lovely home! We moved in last November, it has beautiful bromeliad and palm tree gardens, so relaxing.

This is is indoor/outdoor kitchen dining room. The weather here is beautiful most of the year, sub-tropical is the official term, so we just cook out dinner on the BBQ and eat outside (covered in Mozzie (mosquito) Spray!) most nights.
This is my husband filling up our big fish pond at the front of our house. Our garden looks like a jungle!


Surfers Paradise
About 15 minutes from my house is Surfers Paradise, the main suburb of The Gold Coast, with the tallest building called Q1. Close by is Cavill Mall great for shopping and drinking, pristine patrolled beaches. There is even a beach dedicated to dogs at a place called The Spit, my dog Bella goes bananas when we go there... This is picture of one part of the beach called Main Beach.

Photo From Beau Mitchell.


Surfers Paradise also hosts
Schoolies Week each year. Every year all the kids who finish high school each year come to Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast to celebrate end of exams and get completely blotto (shitfaced)

It is absolute choas each year - lots of drunken teenagers but lots of fun. The young kids that have finished school are called Schoolies and any older people that show up trying to pick up young drunk teenagers and join in are called Toolies. There is often a lot of fighting and drug arrests but it is usually the Toolies that get arrested.

There parents must be proud. Photo from Gold

Other than awesome beaches, shopping and drunk teeenages, The Gold Coast also is...

Places to Visit
The Gold Coast has the Lion's share of Australia's Theme Parks including..

Sea World - My husband and I swam with the dolphins at Seaworld, they are also polar bears, you can even swim with sharks, they have rides to.

Dreamworld - all the cartoon characters etc. great for kids and has kick-ass rides. I patted a tiger cub there once!

Photo from Christian Bowman.

Wet'n'Wild - a massive water park with some really full-on water rides.

Photo from Hub Pages.

I can't talk about The Gold Coast with our introducing you to on of our pesky residents...

The Residents

People .. Capital of Cosmetic Surgery
The Gold Coast has a variety of residents, from bogans (see below) to breast enlarged botox beauties (i'm an not included in this demographic!), retirees to unemployed surfers, with a strong New Zealander population as well.

Photo from Gold

Pests.. The Cane Toad...
Photo of a Bogan (Australian term used to describe members of society that are a combination of what the Yanks call Rednecks, Jocks and Trailer Park Trash) with a giant Cane Toad From Here.

The Cane Toads were introduced into Queensland in 1935 in an attempt to stop French’s
Cane Beetle and the Greyback Cane Beetle from destroying sugar cane crops in North Queensland. They have since spread across the top of Australia and South to as far as Port Macquarie, killing indigenous species of frogs. They are poisonous, so we have to be careful that our dog doesn't try and eat them coz she would die... :-( Some people have been said to boil them up and drink the juice that comes out of them to get off their chops... don't know about that!

They are considered a pest that kill our native species so we go cane toad hunting in the garden at night, they love our moist garden and our two ponds. My husband and I stab them with knifes and then put them in the freezer! Even after i stab them they still hop around - freaky things. Luckly ours are alot smaller than the one in the photo above!

Thankfully we still have lots of Green Tree frogs in our garden too, they hide in the bamboo, up and away from where the Cane Toads roam.

The Good Frog! - a green tree frog in our garden. So there is a little bit about our little piece of paradise, here on The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I hope you enjoyed it - leave me a message with what part of the world you are from!

Pop over to
Blog Trotting everyday to find out about another part of our huge world!