Sunday, July 12, 2009

Myrtle the Turtle

The reason i haven't been able to get elbow deep into my new Yudu obsession is the fact that both my Parents, My Mother-in-Law AND my Step-Daughter are staying with us at the moment.

As always, i made Matilda a toy (see others here). This time is was Myrtle the Turtle from this months Sew Hip Magazine, you can sew their Myrtle the Turtle at the bottom right corner.

I have to say, the pattern was not the best - the main problem was the head gusset. It just didn't fit! Usually i would think it was because i am retarded, but even my Mum, the sewing legend said it was wrong. So after a few heads looking like ET the Extresstrial, we decided to alter it, and got it looking a bit less alien.

It features a heart drawn by Matilda, and Screen printed using the hand-cut stencil method on my Yudu. Myrtle has a little b0nnet with some flowers attached, and stars for eyes.

One Happy Daugther :-) Mission Accomplished.

Off to screen print some shirts!!


PaisleyJade said...

She's very cute!!

Rachel said...

She looks awesome, I'm loving the pink corduroy. What a pain that the head gusset doesn't fit.