Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Screen!!

Breif overview of the Yudu

Success!! My first screen burnt with my new Yudu Machine. Look at those nice crispy burnt in designs !! Happy Camper!!

I have burnt in multiple designs and will just tape off the sections i am going to use, saving space. My first attempt of adhereing the emulsion sheet to the silk screen failed dismally, ending with drippy emulsion..boooo!!

1st Mistake - Over wetting the screen and relying on the drying drawer inside the machine and the "8 Minutes Only" instruction on the info sheet.

I read up on on some tips, the best being - just use a hair dryer to dry the emulsion on the screen - it took around 3 -4 minutes and it was perfect.

Below is the black designs taped to the bed of the Yudu, ready to have the screen with the emulsion sheet placed over the top.

I placed some Washi tape around the edges to make sure i didn't put anything outisde of the area available on the emulsion sheet.

You then place the silkscreen with the emulsion sheet over the top and press the "Sun" button (i haven't shown photos of this as i was worried about the flash affecting the emulsion sheet.) This just turns the lamps on underneath for the perfect time to expose my screen. (it;s kind of like a big scanner)

You then just pull the screen out and wash out the emulsion from the areas that were covered up by the black designs. Leaving the beautiful screen at the start of my post... joy!

Now it's printing time :-)

If you want to know more about the Yudu go to What You Do.


Thea said...

Very exciting!

Kylie said...

Looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing this, Katy. I'm really interested in seeing how the Yudo works and can't wait to see the printing :) K

Christina said...

Cool! So it is like a gocco, but probably will have the parts available for longer! You are going to have fun with this. :)

jodie said...

This is an exercise in patience isn't it??? Can't wait to see the results...