Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally! Some Printing!

Today I finally got some time to print some STUFF!! I will take you through the steps.

In my previous post i showed you the screen i had prepared by attaching the emulsion sheet and exposing it to light. I thought i test the screen by printing all the designs on calico - to check that there were no little holes or gaps in the emulsion.

First I taped around the edges of the screen, the emulsions doesn't go all the way to the edges so ink would go through the screen . I used some adhesive vinyl scraps from the bin at my work, it is suggested in the manual and the forums to use cheap packing tape, once this is wet it comes of nice and easy and doesn't leave sticky residue on your screen.

Screen with the edges taped

Next i placed a long caterpillar of Yudu ink across the top of the screen. Making sure it runs the full width of the designs you want to print.

Ink applied to screen

Next i use my Yudu squeegee that came with the machine (just like a plastic spatula) too "flood" the screen. You do this with the screen AWAY from the fabric. This pushed the ink into the screen. You flood the full length of the screen, you dont have to press to hard, justrevenly along the full length of the design.

Flooding the screen

Next the push the screen down onto your fabric, then i lean my belly down on the bottom edge of the machine (not shown here coz i was in my pj's!) and PRINT!! Just pull the squeegee down the full length of the screen firmly with your squeegee at a slight angle, evenly along the full length again. This pushes the ink in the screen from the flooding procedure onto your fabric.

Printing the design

Then lift the screen up and Daa Daaaaa!! A beautiful crisp printed design.... very happy!

The printed design

So there you go, my first print. I am very happy with the quality of the print. It is very crisp and defined and sooooo simple. It isn't mess at all, just the washing the screen after, so i can do it on my dining table without risk of creating a massive mess.

So now i am happy with my designs and can't see any problems i am going to print some T-Shirts... Stay Tuned!


Cindy said...

It looks so good, and crisp edges. can you do different colours?

Jen {The Craft Floozy} said...

Wow, that came out great...and it looks fun to do!

jodie said...

yeee-harrrr !!! That looks great - very clear and crisp ! I am dead jealous you know...

CurlyPops said...

Wow that looks amazingly professional - so neat and crisp!

Katy said...

You can live the Yudu vicariously through my blog! Thanks again for letting me know about it!

ErinBassett said...

I use my Yudu on our kitchen table too...and I wash my screens in the shower LOL. :D