Friday, May 15, 2009

A Crafty Weekend

I have a lot of craftyness planned for this weekend!

Saturday is a screen printing workshop... with the lovely Thea from Thea and Sami. She has workshops a few times a month. She has been so patient with me asking so many questions in my anticipation! We are doing on A4 sized screen and then a A3 sized screen. I have been wanting to do screen printing for so long the pressure to do a really cool design is overwhelming! It's keeping me up at night, thinking about different patterns and designs.

Thea's Marguerite Red Natural Hand-printed Fabric

For the A4 sized one i would love to do something that will work perfectly with with the Nicole M Design Makeup Purse pattern. (the one i used for "Ellie the Elephant".) For the A3 i want to do a T-Shirt design.... ooohhh the pressure!!

Sunday i have my first Brown Owls Meeting! I have bought my crocheting needles and wool, i even gave it a crack and i can tell you who ever is teaching us has an uphill battle with teaching me!! I can do a row of chain stitchy things and that is it.. I think buying fluffy wool doesn't help either coz i can't see where to stick my needle...

To add to all this craftness - i got a few packages in the mail yesterday (as a results of my Rudd Money Spend-a-thon).

One package was my Study Hall Skirt Pattern from Kelani.

I spent all of last night and 1 hour before work this morning getting my pieces ready. I am using some of my Birch Fabric by Lara Cameron. With denim and red insets... i am a bit concerned it is going to be way too over the top but hey - so am i! I am not doing the strip around the bottom and i have added 5inches in the length to make it a bit more Wintery (or Queensland Wintery).
I also had some help from Bella... She is soooo shiny she doesn't photograph very well!
I also received 60 squares of oldschool looking fabric i won on Ebay. I thought they might be an easy way to make my first quilt.

So many things to do - so little time! What do you have planned for the weekend?

Do forget my giveaway here! Thanks to everyone that has entered - I am have been overwhelmed with lovely comments :-) I plan to visit everyone when i have some spare time (not this weekend by the looks of things!)


Tania said...

Am GREEEEEEEN with envy. Screenprinting has been sitting on my shoulder for an eternity and I am just waiting for a window of opportunity. Enjoy! But no stressing allowed.

Robyn said...

Cool fabric -- esp. the vintage at the bottom. I'm making a vintage fabric/linens quilt eventually. If you want to swap for any other types/colors, let me know. Though I think it would be really pretty to use just those ones with a solid fabric with it.