Friday, May 15, 2009

Screen Printing Ideas

Flower Daze

Thought i would share some of the scribbles (computerized scribbles!) i am working on to take with me to the screen printing workshop tomorrow. Knowing me i will probably get there and try something new and bugger it up be anyway!

I am also probably getting a bit too details as we are hand stencilling it first..
I think this is a good one, i would like one that can be printed over and over and to turn into fabric...

Art Nouveau Inspired

mmm too much like snow flakes WAY to complicated

I create most of these designs with Adobe Illustrator, the only problem with that though is everything ends up neat, even and symmetrical. Somethings you just want some rough hand drawn stuff.....mmmmm

As you can see - it's another slow Friday at Katy's work!

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