Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet My Blinder Hemmer Foot

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Meet Mr Blind Hemmer Foot

The foot sitting on the edge of the fold.

This photo doesn't show very well so here is a diagram i made earlier! (probably even more confusing)...

The instructions suggest to zig zig your edge before you start (which i have not done). Then you place the foot, on the fabric, with the metal strip on the edge of the crease.

My sewing machine had to be changed to one of it's special stitches that looks like this.

The foot essentially sits in the perfect spot for those little zigszags to just catch the edge of the folded fabric.

This is how it looks as it is coming out.

The wrong side after pressing.

And most importantly the right side after pressing.

The foot is perfect for hemming when you just want small little stitches to show through om the right side. (Perfect for a skirt i am going to make tonight to wear to my first Brown Owls meeting on Sunday!)

If you were good at fiddly things i think you could achieve the same effect without a special foot - just press you fabric nice before sewing and keep your foot running along straight so only that zigzag stitch catches your fabric.

So there you go! Hope that was enlightening! Not sure which foot i am going to tackle next maybe this one? Can anyone guess what it is for?


Robyn said...

Pintuck foot? Cuz I think I have one that I have never attempted to use.

It's nice that you have so many presser feet. I have a Kenmore, and it seems harder and harder to find presser feet for them.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Great post! I have become a collector of presser feet - I can't help myself. I'm with Robyn ... I think the mystery foot is of the pintuck variety.

You'll have to get yourself a walking foot too ... they are magic ... if somewhat pricey! (Here is a post I wrote about my Janome one a while back)

Jennifer said...

I've only recently started using a bernina record 730.
I'd love to try and do some free hand embroidery with it
do you think I can? out of all the feet it comes with is there one I can use? do I need to get a different one?
If you can help that would be amazing! u seem to have mastered your 730!!

thanks so much