Friday, May 8, 2009

One Finished Ellie the Elephant Purse

Am I strange for getting up at 5.30am in the morning to drive my husband to the station, then getting home and deciding I wont go bed to be for another 2 hours but I will stay up and finish my Ellie the Elephant purse?

For someone that luuurves their sleep, i think i am a bit strange! But i had the Puppy to keep me company - but she even thought it was too early and went back to bed!

They are really bad shots, i will be taking shop photos tomorrow but i had show you guys coz i couldn't wait!

I had to quickly stitch my own label as i had run out of printed ones (WKD for What Katy Did), i am going to carve myself a stamp to use in the future.

The purse will be one sale in my shop on Sunday Morning, but
if there is anyone out that reads my blog that would like to buy Ellie for a special blog price of $15 + $5 postage, just send me an email and i will create a listing on Made It just for you only! You have until Sunday morning.

p.s. i have also made a special surprise for the buyer!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Cute purse - love that animal print - just delightful! I have some of those zipper pulls but haven't used them yet. Was it difficult to remove the existing zipper tag?

CGDK said...

It turned out just great! such cute fabric

Robyn said...

It's adorable! But I am too poor to buy anything right now. I hope somebody is smart enough to snatch it up!