Monday, June 14, 2010

Something Looks Fishy!

The first item i purchased to start decorating the baby room was a plain Nappy Stacker from Spotlight for $5.

I took my trip to Spotlight and did my usual baby brain shop of aimlessly wandering around, with no plan to what i am actually doing and ending up at the checkout with a basket full of stuff i don't actually need, but managed to end up with some felt and some fabric that reminded me of The Rainbow Fishes shimmery scales.

I traced around The Rainbow Fish from the book i am using as inspiration and created this fish.

I really like the scales, kind of a Japanese feel to them i reckon! I also stitched some reedy/seaweed stuff on the sides too.

Next was more fish to use around the room, i think these will go on the curtains. (the next mission!)

and some little fish too..

So as you can see i am getting some creativity back into my life for the first time since we moved houses in November, it feels great, and i am sure it will give me plenty to do when i finish work in two weeks. My husband is getting flashbacls to previous crafty spurts when the whole house was covered in fabric and crap.

So next is the curtains, i am thinking a blockout curtain in the window frame and a translucent one over the top with my fishes sewn on..... another trip to Spotlight!!! (this time i am making a list!)


Liam's Mummy said...

The nappy stacker looks great! That shiny fabric was a good find!

Rachel said...

Great idea. The rainbow fish is such a great book and your little fish is darling!

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