Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Story So Far....

I am 33 weeks pregnant - the baby is due on the 29th of July and i have started being creative again!

It started with painting the nursery. Back is this post i had considered having an underwater theme based on the book The Rainbow Fish.

In my brain i had the concept of being underwater and have the water line above my head, and having this waterline as kind of a border around the top of the room. The colours of blue, teal and purple. So after stealing loads of colour samples from Bunnings (though the amount of money i have spent there in the last 3 months i should have shares in Bunnings) i came up with this colour scheme.

Ice Pack Quarter (bottom left) for the main walls, Lagoona Teal (bottom middle) for the wave, or water line and Spritzig Quarter (bottom right) as the sky above the water line.

As usual what i have in my head and actually executing the idea are two different things, and, as usual, i forget that i am carrying around one hell of a baby belly (i will get to that later - it is HUMONGOUS!). So i had Husband's help with the main wall bit but did the roof, waves and sky all by my self (mostly while he was playing Playstation or making baked goods like scones for me - my pregnancy craving).

So here it is. I am very happy with it and the colour are so peaceful. My wave in 2 parts are a little spaz but i am so happy with it.

The room is still in a bit of a shambles, we haven't decided whether to have the cot in our room, as recommended by the SIDS people (sudden infant death syndrome) for the first few months or to put in straight in the baby room (any advice from anyone is appreciated!!). so we haven't put it up yet.

The change table in the picture above was bought cheap on ebay and i sanded it back and painted it myself, i love it! but i gave up on doing the same with a 2nd hand cot i bought and purchased another on from Ikea. (after a Keno win!).

So... next is to decorate!


Liam's Mummy said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see how it all looks when it's finished.

We had our babies in the same room as us for the first few months in a cradle, and then in their own room in cots when they outgrew the cradle.

Heather said...

I thought we were gonna see that baby bump of yours! Next post, maybe?

The nursery is adorable! Very soothing colors and perfect for a baby!

My babies all slept in a small bassinet in my room for about three months, mainly b/c it was easier with nighttime feedings. Give it a try and see if it works for you...

Gabe was just talking about you the other night, wondering if you were going to name your baby "Gabe". He still sleeps with Sausage Dog every single night, convinced he flew all the way from your house in Australia to his bedroom in Ohio! You totally need to make a sausage dog for your little one, to keep away all monsters and scary dreams :)

Good to hear from you, Katy!

Liesl said...

That looks fabulous - what a cute idea!

We also popped both the bubs in our room (in a basinette) for the first couple of months. It does make getting up during the night easier!

Robyn said...

It looks really great! Much more interesting than my nursery's walls!

I'm glad to see your post. I've been checking in and hadn't seen you in a while, so I was hoping everything was OK.

Jetta's Nest said...

Hi Katy, I love your watery fishy theme....very nice and calming.

We had both our boys in our room until they moved into the toddler bed at pretty close to 2! We've got a big room which made it easier but neither of us could have moved them to a different room any's so nice to know they're close :)

ange_moore said...

Gorgeous nursery!

I had our babies in our room for about 6 weeks each (in a bassinet) - was great for night time feeds but not so good for restful sleep! It was a relief for us to have them in the cot in their own room.

Good luck - probably best to play it by ear once your little one arrives. What ever you decide to do will be the right thing 0 because it'll work for you!

Polka Dot Daze said...

I love the blue you chose.
As for the baby in your room, when that little bubs joins the world you are going to want them as close to you as possible. Most people I know that think they want the baby in their own room straight away, move bubs into their room pretty much straight away :)

CGDK said...

Was just wondering if your time had come yet and seeing your last post you should be well into your sleepless nights by now - hope you are doing well.

My opinion -my boys were both winter babies, they slept in my room nice & close to my bed in my bedroom where I had a heater in front of my feeding chair which had a thick fleecey rug spread over it. Work out whats best for you and it'll be the right thing.