Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Lady Cushion and Yudu Supplies

It's my beautiful Step-Daugther's birthday today, she is turning 7. I made this for her last night to send down to her. She lives in a different state so i don't get to see her on her birthday but i hope she likes it....

I hand cut a stencil out of sticker and whacked it on my Yudu (here is go again with my Yuduing, it's BACK ON) and sewed her a cushion. I did it really quick, about 2 hours all up, including drying time for the stencil.
I have 4 new emulsion sheets (above) and another Mesh Screen in the mail !, i bit the bullet and ordered them directly from the States from So it will be interesting to see what state they are in when they get here.... stay tuned!

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Carleen said...

I'm sure she'll love it - you can't go far wrong with personalised stuff 4 kids.