Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Back with Bad Side Burns

The party was AWESOME! Check out my sideburns! It's been a while since i have posted but i am back and crafting... but first... the party report.

My 1970s curtains i put up and my orange lamp i found at the Op Shop made our BBQ area look like a swinging 70's lounge room, along with the Shesha pipe that was purely ornamental of course! (Puppy hiding bottom right corner)
Everyone dressed up, very cool, we even had a black painted Bob Marley!
My Husband - Jimi Hendrix and Martin - Bob Marley

My lovely Sister-in-Law and I (Lamp and Shesha pipe in the background)
All the ladies (and my husband with a wig that makes him look like a lady), and as usual, my friend Jo doing inappropriate hand gestures.
Jo the Blog Critic, showed up with a Nana Maskouri and a Kamahl Album and one sweet Kaftan
Bry and my Brother, Josh

It was heaps of fun and everybody had a fun time, three kegs of home brew were drunk so somebody should have been having a good time. Later in the evening everybody swapped wigs.... and moustaches... I was up til 8am the next day, all part of a 4 day bender, now that i am thirty and getting my womb ready for babies, those days are all behind me now so i definitely got it out of my system!

Next step, my husband and I are going to buy a house and get pregnant... whoot whoot!!

So back to crafting i am, lots of ideas, now to get started! Thanks for being patient while i had a bit of a break!


CurlyPops said...

Looks like a fab party....the moustache swap cracked me up!

Gina Denholm said...

Wow, that looks like it was some bash. Love the lamp you found! I'm thinking you look quite terrifying as a blonde... dress looks awesome.

Danielle said...

OMG - my Dad owned that Nana Maskouri vinyl!

Carleen said...

Happy Birthday - glad to see you had a wonderful party.....and good luck with those future plans!

Monsoons & Mangoes said...

hahahaha!! I see Jo & Pat!! funny!! looks like a hilarious night! ;)

Rachel said...

wow Katy it looks like quite the party! The dress looks great.