Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Creative Space

Not much in my creative space this week, just one finished little zipper pouch i have named "Flutter By".

I started them back here a while ago now by screenprinting on my butterfly, then i stitched in some little "Flying Lines" in black.

I also screen printed a little logo on the inside.

Very happy!, what next?? Off to the driving range.... yes! I have taken up golf! How odd! Well, i am thirty after all!

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Gina Denholm said...

I didn't realise I should've taken up golf by now... am I too old at 32?!

Steph said...

Yay.. I like it... and I will take up golf when I am 30... not quite there yet... come on!! lol

xo Steph

Kirsty said...

As the wife of a golf nut I can safely say that I will never take it up (despite being well over the 3 "O" (& on the slippery slope to 40). x

Amanda said...

It's very sweet...I prefer the challenge of a pitched ball to hit over a little golf ball :P Hope you had fun!! said...

I love hitting balls for a half hour or so on the range. I'm no good though! :-) Your zipper is fab. The bright fabric is great.