Friday, June 19, 2009

What can i do for you??

Have you been thinking about getting your business name OUT THERE? Getting some quality business cards, creating a banner for your market stall or maybe just putting a sticker for advertising your business nameand web address on your car?

I can help you!!
I Can Do Business Cards and Brochures
Whether you have an exsisting logo or you need one designed for you, i can help!
I Can Do All Types of Signage - Banners - Corflute Signage - Clear or coloured Acrylic - Vinyl Banners
Whether it is little sign to pin up at a market, a banner to hang from a wall, an acrylic sign to put up in yur shop, I Can Do It! Just let me know what you are looking for and i wil give you a price.

I Can Do A-Frames
A good way to direct your customers at a market or stick out the front of your shop when you are open.
I Can Do Car Wraps and Decals
Why not use your car as mobile advertising. If you want to advertise your business on your car - I can help you, from simple stickers on your door to covering your WHOLE car with a design, i can do it!
I Can Do Canvas Prints and Stretching
I can organise your photos or artwork printed onto canvas and stretched onto a frame.

I Can Do Wall Decals and Stickers
I can do permanent or semi permanent - one colour or full colour - as big as a WALL or as small as a magnet.

I Can Print and Cover Strange Things
Like Doors - Glass - Acrylic - Floor Mats - or WHOLE WALLS - Just ask !

So there you go! Let me know if i can help you out! All produced in Brisbane Queensland. Just email me or leave me a comment and i will get intouch.


Thea said...

Awesome! I desperately need new business cards. Can we have them printed on recycled stock? I also like the idea of a wall decal for my new studio space. You can see it next weekend.

CurlyPops said...

I really need a blog header which I can also use for my shop, and then a similar jpeg image that I can use to have business cards printed.

CGDK said...

I was just thinking of asking you if you could do car signage...YD has changed his business name. Will be in contact!

Sandrine said...

I need to make a market banner out of my logo banner...Can you have a look at my banner on etsy and let me blog