Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Cool Apron - Super Cool Party

Check out the Coolest Apron Curly Pops has made me after i popped her a comment telling her how cool one of the tea towels she had found was - i am going to wear it at my 70s Birthday party!

This is the invitation I made for it... do you like? I like the line "Fondue Supplied". mmmm... large vat of melted cheese...delicious...

I am going to wear this dress in one of these combinations.
Brown Polka Dots with Orange Collar
Orange Polka Dots with Brown Collar

Party Party Party!!

I have been making a blog with 1970s stuff on it for my guests. Shes Turning 30. Down the side i have a list of the Best Songs From the 70s. As i was only born in the 1970s i dont have a very good idea and have just been looking on the net - so any suggestions would be great..!! Leave me a comment with your favourites...

What are your favourite songs of the 1970s?


Gina said...

I vote orange polka dots! And boy that apron is a real cutie. I love the streetscape teatowel used on it.
Can't help you with the songs, I'm a '77 baby and my folks were into Classical music...

Jetta's Nest said...

Oooh Katy, I love your invitation!

My favourite songs from the 70's are totally varied ranging from a few from Dr Hook to some stock standard disco (Shake your booty and Disco inferno come to mind). I was born in '74 so I got a good helping of 70's tunes in my childhood.

I hope you have a super night!

Kylie said...

I'm in LOVE with that apron! You lucky girl! Orange polka dots will look super fantastic and very fresh :)
I'll get back to you about music - there is just LOADS!! Must remember to let you know when the next Flares is on - do you know about them? Randomly held nightclub in the Valley usually of retro music - sometimes 70s, sometimes 80s, always fabulous! Almost forgot - totally love your invite too! :) K

Heather said...

I am loving the idea of your 70's style birthday party! Especially since I was born in 1973, and grew up in a house with orange and green swirl carpets and dark brown paneling. Can't wait to see pics of the party!

Nikolaas Debeuf said...

Again a lovely idea.. this reminds me of something I've made recently.
By looking at this post I've a great idea for using it. thnx! love, digibudi xoxo

Pearl Maple said...

Hello Katy the lucky new owner of the YuDu. So nice to see that you are getting lots of creative milage out of this tool.

How cool, we share something else in common, you are modeling my favorite dress from 74-77. I had one in white with little flower print and another in green paisley with a white collar. Will you be able to find platforms to go with the dress? Have a fab time at your party and looking forward to seeing what you are doing with the YuDu.