Friday, June 19, 2009

Sexy 70s

"Young Contemporary Fashion"
Issue Year 1973

So i am turning 30th in August and i am having a 1970s party, i just bought this pattern on Ebay to make my costume, very funky! I think i am going to go with a contrasting colour for the little sleeve caps and the big collar.

Now i need to find the right type of fabric.
I have two options - look for original vintage fabric to use - or find a new fabric with a 70s style to it.

I would love your opinions and help! Places to find vintage fabrics online, new fabric designs with a vintage feel, a place to find kick arse cool big buttons for the front - any ideas?


Kylie said...

What a fabulous pattern! I think the pattern does all the work for you, Katy - you don't need to worry about actual 70s fabric. I love the green polka dot with white cuffs and collar on the packet - you could get a polka dot anywhere and it will look totally authentic!
I know it's a way off yet but happy birthday preparations :) K

Gina said...

That's going to be super sweet. Not enough of a dressmaker to help with the material suggestions... I'd probably use something with a bit of synthetic in it though. Anything with a bold geometric repeat will look awesome. Polka-dots would be cute, too.

Anonymous said...

I love to buy from funky fabrix and atomic textiles, both one ebay, as their vintage stuff is incredible. they tend to sell by the half-yard, which works out expensive for making adult clothing, but you'll end up with an amazing outfit! :)

Heather said...

What a great idea! You need some orange and green swirl shag carpet to dance on, and maybe some Brady Bunch episodes playing in the background.

Did you watch the Brady Bunch growing up?

Can't wait to see the dress!