Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pretty Parcels

2 parcels were waiting for me yesterday. One from Japan and one from Australia.

The one from Japan is from Karaku. I ordered some permanent fabric paint stamp pads. Once the ink dries you heat set it with an iron and it becomes washable.

Too nice to open :-)
I received the stamp pads, plus some Hello Kitty Tissues and a mobile phone dangley thing with my name printed in English on one side and in Japanese on the other side!

So i thought i would carve up a quick stamp to give it a ago. NOTE: - carve letters IN REVERSE next time.
The other package was from Over the Rainbow, in Victoria, they have supplies for all kinds of things like lino cutting polymer clay art and jewellery and beading supplies...

I got some Shrink Film, a Pearlex Black Fabric Stamp pad and some Ezy Carve Printing Blocks. The Shrink Film is just like old school Shrinky Dink, you print on it and then whack it in the oven and it shrinks, thickens and hardens... ooooo.. so many projects!!

I printed some stamps i had already carved on some coloured fabric to see how well the ink covers. The black in is Pearlex from Over the Rainbow, and the red is the Japanese Fabric Ink. Not fantastic. I think i will stick with light plain fabric.

I started carving the tree out of my Windy Daze design last night, i am going to print it on calico and then do the leaves in another colour. The Ezy Carve blocks are pretty good - i think they would be great for block printing on Cards the best, though i am going to try it on fabric too.

I rub a bit of ink over the design so i can see what i have left to carve out.I definitely need to get the bigger carving tool for the big spaces, it is taking ages!

I am defintily at that stage where i have too many projects on at one time. I promise to not start anymore till i finish atleast one :-)

Hope you are having a good day!

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Rachel said...

All those goodies look like fun!
I love that tree design btw.