Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Hoot

I had my first Brown Owls meeting yesterday. We were supposed to be learning how to make Granny Squares... This is how that went.
Lovely Bec's from Edward and Lilly's Granny Square

Katy's Scary Spidery Granny Square

WTF?? I did meet some lovely people, like Ellie from Red Seed Studio, who prints beautiful fabrics and i admire greatly. She got to listen to me rabbit on about my new love of screen printing. She was kind enough to give me some tips on some good books to find too.

One of Ellies Creations, i forgot to get a photo of her crocheting!

Miss Kitty from Kitty Boo Boo who created the sweetest little apple embroidery. (sorry i forgot your name!)

Angelica and Julia, Julia created this cute little rabbit brooch. Julia is going to have a blog soon... so stay tuned.

and Melissa from Nushka Dolls, which is such a cool website too by the way.

One of Melissa's Nushka Dolls

It was great and it was good to sit and chat with people who are nuts about craft like me, instead of people who think i AM nuts BECAUSE i craft!

and just to show i am a persistent bugger, i tried and tried later that night and came up with this!!

My First Ever, in my whole life, Granny Square

Hopefully next time i will remember more names and get to meet everyone instead of realiseing there were all these people there who i wanted to meet coz i read there blogs but didn't. Until next time :-)


edward and lilly said...

You are awesome! I'm so glad you persisted with the granny, are you addicted now or what?

It was so great to finally meet you, look forward to having a longer chat at the next one xx

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love your spidery granny square! Sorry I was up the other end of the table and didn't get to talk, next time hopefully. It is great to have a group who don't think you're nuts because you like craft isn't it!

Lilly said...

What a beautiful granny square you ended up with. Your not nuts, you are all extremely talented. I love your new profile pic too!!!

Kylie said...

This is fabulous, Katy! Looks like so much fun. I've added my name to the waiting list so hopefully I'll be joining in soon too. Love your blog. K

ellie said...

Hi Katy,
It was really lovely to meet you, and have a chat. And, hey - I really like talking about screen printing, was good to have someone that excited to talk with about it.

Good on you for keeping on with the granny square - yah! Me, I moved on to other projects, but I'm happy with it, so that's okay hey (thanks for your lovely comments, I think its the wool I was using - so so so nice to work with).

Can't wait to see a post of your skirt - it was fantastic. What an excellent job you did.

See you next Owl meet-up.
ellie : petalplum : red seed studio

CGDK said...

sounds like great fun! and where did that glamour puss in your new profile pic come from! whoohoo!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on your first successful granny square - may it be the first of many!

Jetta's Nest said...

That's the squarest first granny square I've ever seen! Nice work Katy :)