Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Study Hall Skirt with Birch Fabric

Here is my completed Study Hall Skirt using some of Lara Cameron from Ink & Spindle's Birch Fabric. Sorry for the bad amature photos but i was home alone and i had to hop up onto my bed to take the photos (NOTE: train my dog to take photos).

As usual with my sewing, there are a few problems.

First issue - using denim - i can't get the pleats to sit down nicely - i believe it is because the denim just wont iron into a nice crease - a lady at work today did suggest some starch but i have never used that before... eecck!

Second Issue - the red inserts - my intention was to make the Birch fabric the feature - but i decided to get all tricky and add in the red inserts but i think they have taken the emphasis away from the feature panel. The fabric i used in the red inserts is also a bit low quality so it crushes really easily - so doesn't help with my "ironing the pleating nice" issue and also from the back the red inserts make it look like a cheerleader skirt ! GOOOOOOOO KATY!
(said in a cheerleaderey way)

Third Issue - i am sticking my bum out in this photo! Overall, i am wearing it today and it is not completely a lost cause - i still have enough Birch fabric for round two. I am not using denim, and i am not using coloured inserts next time - i think i will try a black fabric, maybe twill? - I can't find linen near where i live so
any suggestions anyone one may have to suitable fabric would be greatly appreciated.

On another note - check out this fabric!! I bought it on Ebay for $30 bucks it's the length of my queen bed.

I love it soooo much. I couldn't bring myself to chop it up into pices for bags or anything like that.I am having a 70's dress up party for my 30th in August so i am going to make a wall hanging with it for that and then i think i am going to make it into a cool table cloth or doona cover.
On another note - it has been brought to my attention by my mother and also my self appointed blog quality control expert, Jo, that sometimes my spelling and my sentence structure are less that acceptable quality. If you know me - i always have things going around in my head and i do most of my posts at work (SSHHH!) so i am a bit off handed with my spelling and sentences - so just like my handmade goods - all faults are part of the charm of the product!


Mark said...

I love your skirt!
As far as spelling and sentence structure goes, I hadn't noticed, but at least you have an excuse! (I wish I did!!)

Ellie said...

This skirt totally rocks. I noticed it as soon as you walked into Brown Owls. Can't see any of your flaws by looking at - so don't give your secrets away!
I never want to do a test run when I make a new skirt, so I end up using my special fabric and wishing that things were a little different; I'm glad you've got some more fabric to play around with.
Can't wait to see your next creations, you sure have a lot going on - don't know how you do it all.
Ellie: petalplum : red seed studio