Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dog Bed Detail

Just thought i would show you a little bit of the detail on Bella's dog bed. I used the Seer Sucker Material i talked about previously and did a little experiment in Free Motion Quilting.
So i just kinda did little loopy things (thats the techinical term) roughly over the flowers. It was fun but quite hard moving the fabric around, i can't imagine doing it on a huge quilt!
Oh Fransson! has written a very good tutorial on it here.
Basically you just whack on a darning foot, they usually look like this.

And you drop your feed dogs (not your bag of Puppy Supercoat, but the little teeth on the bottom plate of your sewing machine that pull your fabric along) and then just sew to your hearts content. Coz you have your feed dogs down you actually just move your fabric around underneath the needle yourself.

Some people actually use this process to create intricate free-motion sewing artwork, I reckon if you were acurate enoughyou could even use a embroidery hoop and do some detailed design like these pretty brids on Urban Threads.com.
So there you go -

Seersucker Fabric and One Brown Quilt Cover from an Op Shop = $5

Free Motion Sewing Adventure = $0

One Happy Puppy = Priceless
What have you tried out for the first time lately?


CurlyPops said...

That looks amazing! Ove very cool retro vintage dog bed.

PaisleyJade said...

Love the bed... and I have tried to do free motion stuff but I am so bad at it I gave up!!

Anonymous said...

Your freemotion looks awesome! I tried it but failed miserably :( I think I really need to practice some more