Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the Way to My Crafty Comeback

In an effort to get my crafting mojo back after my holiday and new animal addition to the family i am posting about material today. Firstly - all you material nuts out there, can someone tell me what this type of material is called? It may be hard to see in the photo but it has rows of puckered material and flat material - i thought it was called seersucker but when i looked it up it didn't match... I bought about 4 metres of this material for 5 bucks at an op shop. I am going to use it to make my first quilt/dog blanklet, i'm a big fan of brown and orange.I think it is very 1970's, do you agree? There are the fabrics i bought while i was in Thailand. I bought 4 different batik materials in blues and reds. They are so beautiful and bright with little bird and butterfly details. ( my apologies for my photos, when you put anything on the ground it is a rush against time/dog cyclone)
I am thinking about making some placemats and table runner out of this one.

These are the 2 red ones, i bought around 2 metres of each material for 100baht each (around 4 dollars), what a bargain! They would be great for purses, detailed panels on skirts, any other suggestions?
This is a bag i bought too, i think i am going to try and copy the pattern and make another one.

More fabric purchases to come!

And lastly i can't resist showing you my new baby..
I will try not to inundate you with dog photos, or just put them right at the end so you can skip them if you want!


Heather said...

Please, share your Bella pics with us as much as you like! You look at all of my kid pics without complaining (or maybe you just scroll them...hmmmm).

She is adorable! Does your husband have any idea who she is named after yet?

Love the material! And yes, yellow and orange and brown is so seventies, and making a comeback. Can't wait to see your creations.

(Gabe is still sleeping every night with his sausage dog, which is yet un-named except for Katy's sausage dog :)

Anja said...

Oh, she is cute!

Robyn said...

That top one does seem like seersucker to me. It's just not the usual print. I guess maybe there's a better name, but I'm not sure what it is.

Ashley said...

Oh, my! He is precious!! Show us all the pics you want! I can't get enough of sweet little puppy pics!

CGDK said...

Bella is a cutie! and those fabrics are lovely..I would have said seersucker too -very 70's design!

Anonymous said...

That first 70's fabric - i was lucky to score a couple of metres of that a couple of years back. One of the girls' tops made out of it is still kicking! I called it seersucker.

batik - oh my lordy. I love that stuff.