Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppy Monday - A Day in the Life of Bella the Labrador

Hi, My name's Bella, I'm a 11 week old black labrador.
My favourite thing to do is to use my big, droopy, sad eyes to blackmail my mum into giving me big cuddles and kisses.
I had a big day today, I spent lots of time in the garden.
I helped rack the garden.
It was lots of fun.But i always need to make sure i spend some time looking cute and forlorn.
I also helped dig holes for my new chew toys/the new vegies for the garden.But after a big day i was getting sleepy, so i asked Mum if she would finally finish my dog bed.I had a quick nap in the sewing machine cover while she finished.
It was perfect, i have such a clever Mummy, (Although i did notice the very rough stitching around the edges and the fact that she cut the bottom fabric off-centre).Maybe while i take a nap my Mum will vaccuum the rug.I hope you had a good day too, Good Night!


PaisleyJade said...

Very cute - and love the puppy bed!

~Valentina~ said...

Soo cute! Bella is one of my favorites names evaaaa!!! ;)
Thank you so much for the cool quotes for left in my blog.
Have a great week :)

Ashley said...

What a good helper he is. So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Too.Much.Cuteness!! *headexplodes*