Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favourite Christmas Decoration

I wanted to show you my favourite Christmas decoration that my talent Mum made me. She spent a long time cross stitching all the little images and then sewed it into a hanging panel for me, she gave it to me last Christmas. I hope one day, i will have the patience to create something like this for my kids! I think i would give up are the first one and just give them a square instead!

I love the santa pick, he looks so friendly! and the Peace Stainglass windows is beautiful, do you have a favourite ornament??


Lilly's Life said...

You must take after your Mum in terms of your craft talent. My favourite ornaments are balls that my sister made with everyones name in the family on them, including our grandparents who have since died. They all go on the tree and it reminds us of all our family family even though they may not be with us.

Heather said...

That is gorgeous!

I used to cross-stitch, so I know how long that had to have taken her to make. What a gift of love!

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time shipping that darn poster. Don't worry about it if it's too much trouble. I don't it to cost you a ton of money. It's the thought that counts.

Thanks for your sweet thoughtfulness, Katy.

Astrid said...

Great job..! Really a wonderful Christmas decoration. I love it…

Trish said...

Wow - that is amazing and gorgeous what a labour of love.

I ahve cross stitched afew things but the latest .... 15 years in the making - the Australian fauna and flora alphabet.