Thursday, November 27, 2008


Beeep Beeep.. Brrooom Brooooom. Bang Bang. What's that you say? Yes, it's the Twilight Bandwagon that i have just hopped on!

I bought the book last night after here about it from all the US Blogs I read, like Heather and Keeper of the Skies
so i thought i should grab the book and see what everybody is swooning about. If only i could sew and read at the same time! I think i will get time to read it while i am sitting at my market on Sunday.

The only problem is that my Husband is not much of a reader but loves movies and now this book is going to be one of those ones where i can talk to him about it coz he wants to see the movie and doesn't want me to reck it for him. At least it won't be as painful as the last 2 years not being able to tell him what happens at the end of Harry Potter!

So thanks for the tip my American Blogging Friends! Especially you Heather!


Heather said...

Yay, I am so glad you finally got it! I hope you like it as well as we did here. Between Lula from Lulaville and my sister, they have converted at least a hundred people into Twilight junkies!

Let me know what you think...

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you all have a holiday like that in Australia? Just wondering...

edward and lilly said...

Oooh, this book was just set the other night as the next one in my book club, I'm gonna grab a copy this weekend, I'm so excited to read it!