Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Few Photos and a New Market

Not much to report today but i have a few photos to share.

Firstly, this is how my cat helps me cut patterns out... she is lucky i didn't snip her whiskers off! She is such a pest when i cutting patterns and fabric, she wants to bite the scissors all the time, does anyone else have this problem? or is my cat just extra special in the head?

Also here are 3 burp clothes and a bib i made for my Bestie who is having a baby with my Brother-in-Law how cool is that? They have little boats on them coz her man is at sea alot, like mine used to be when i first met him, Marine Engineers. The pattern is one i have used before and is ultra easy, found here at Chickpea Studio, just looking in the side bar for some great patterns.

And here is some little "Blue is for Boys" cupcakes for the Babyshower. They were eating very quickly indeed. I reckon mini cupcakes are great because they have a higher icing to cupcake ratio. They just out of a packet but i did have to go through a whole jar of multi-coloured balls to pick out all the silver and blue ones, what a commitment!

Anyhoos, hope everyone is good, i am busily getting ready for my market this weekend. I will be sure to post some pictures.

If anybody wants to visit that would be great! It is a new market with mainly handmade goods, perfect for Christmas presents.

Monaco Street Markets
Date: Sunday 30th November
Address: " Monaco Centre" - 110 Monaco Street, Broadbeach Waters
Time: 8am-12noon


Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

yummy yum yum le xoxo

Bellgirl said...

Love those burp-cloths! any tips for doing the applique?

And sorting out those silver balls is true dedication! ;) Congratulations to your Bestie and B-I-L.