Friday, November 28, 2008

Abraham Owl

I just had to post about this. I have found the cutest post i have read so far and i had to share it. It is about "Abraham Owl". It is a tutorial on how to make him but also a story about his life and a love affair with a bird called Wendy.. So head over to Lolly Chops and read the post. It's one of my favourite blogs, with lots of crafting, jewellery and recipes. She does great packaging too and is very generous with lots of free tutorials and patterns and prints.
Thanks Lolly Chops!


CGDK said...

that is a cute story and a great site. I am just loving all these blog tutorials and free patterns....why couldn't blogging been invented sooner?!?

hester said...

Hi Katy

I'm dropping in to say hello via CGDK and Le's websites. Your stuff is lovely! I noticed you have marine engineers in your family. Me too...a brother working for Perkins up in the Gulf (ex navy).They probably all know each other!

Heather said...

Ready to play?

Here's your letter: "A".

List your 10 favorite things beginning with your letter. I'll be watching for your post!

LollyChops said...

Thanks so much Katy! I made a baby owl pattern today that I think you are just going to love. I'll post it tomorrow. HUGS!