Friday, October 10, 2008

Things That I Love

Inspired by The Where the Blog Are You? blog of the day Jocelyn Space.
  • 4pm on a Friday, walking out of the doors at work
  • A big hug from my hubby
  • Fishing
  • Getting home and having a parcel sitting on the doorstep
  • My cat when she lies on her back in the middle of the lounge room and stares at me like a mental institution inmate
  • Massages
  • Thailand
  • Knocking back 12 Smirnoff cans with my friend Jo, (and as a result either 1)dancing around in the backyard to 80's music and singing at the top of our voices until someone comes and turns our hot water heater off as punishment or 2) sneaking out and going to the pub and then pushing her home in a shopping trolley with her legs up in the air)
  • Hearing my husband do a big fat belly laugh, i love knowing he is happy
  • Ticking something of my to do list
  • Doing Body Pump with my husband
  • Hearing that my parents are happy and healthy
  • Finishing sewing a bag just before you get to turn in the right way out and see it for the first time
  • Giving someone something that i have made and seeing how happy it makes then
  • Sleeping in on rainy days
  • Drinking mango daiquiris and opening presents on Christmas morning with my family
  • Eating to many prawns and drinking too many Daiquiris and having a sleep before and after lunch on Christmas day.
  • People leaving lovely comments on my blog!
What do you love?

PS - oo. just though of something that i really LOVE. My engagement ring that my husband picked with no help from me. (he knows i love brown so got me a Cognac diamond)


Heather said...

Great post! And I adore your wedding rings...I've never seen a brown diamond before. I love brown, too!

It's so nice getting to know you via your blog, Katy!

Kat said...

Hey Katy

Thanks for following my blog. I thought I would pop over and check yours out. I like it. I see your doing the sassy apron swap too. I can't wait to see what everyone does for it.

Joce said...

A lovely list Katy, and a gorgeous, original ring too, how special. We all have things to be thankful for, so its good to be reminded now and then... Love your blog too... I'll sure be back again! :)

Swift Jan said...

I love your ring :)