Friday, October 10, 2008

My New Creation - Birdie Sling

Finally, i can post pictures of my new bag i have sewn for my lovely Mum. Its her birthday next week.

Last time she was visiting Sunny Queensland I took her to may favourite fabric shop in Cleveland, and she saw some fabric that she was going to buy, but didn't, so i stored them in the back of my very busy brain.
I went back to fabric shop and tried to find the fabrics she said she like, and of course had trouble sifting through the useless crap inside my head to find them, but managed it and was pretty sure i had the right ones.

Then i made her this beautiful bag, from the Birdie Sling pattern from Amy Butler. I adjusted the pattern by taking 2 inches off the bottom so it wasn't so deep, coz i know mum likes to be able to reach all the crap in her bag with it on her shoulder.

I took me probably around 6 hours to make this bag, cutting the fabric out, ironing on the interfacing and sewing, i don't know if it takes everyone that long or just me, but it is worth it coz it issuch a great bag, it's the third one i have made.
And most important of all, Mum loved it, AND i picked the right fabric!



Heather said...

Okay, only six hours?! That would take me about six months! You are amazing!

Happy Birthday, Katy's mum!

Bellgirl said...

gorgeous fabric, lucky mum!

Pinktulip said...

Hi Katy. Your bag is great! I agree with you, it does not take 1 hour to make a bag. From deciding on fabric to cutting out to ironing on interfacing, pinning and then sewing, it takes several hours! Maybe these people that blog and say it takes one hour only refer to the sewing time!