Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lucky Lady

Well, i am such a lucky lady! I got my parcel from my swap at Sunshine and Lemonade
The lovely lady who sent my parcel is Nicci, she has two blogs Yertle and Into my Body.

(From Left to Right)
BACK: 4 CD set of The Last Lecture (inspirational CD), Body Shop Cotton socks to put on with the next item, Peppermint foot moisturiser ( i used these last night and now i have silky smooth feet, just like a babies bum), Lavender Calming Shower gel, a lovely note from Nicci.

MIDDLE: Set of Pens, Set of Post It Note flag highlighters (love these! I'm a stationery geek from way back)

FRONT: 3 different types of fabric (nice and bright mmm what am i going to make?), and a beautiful journal with an awesome pattern on it ( i am going to use this to keep track of all my blog ideas).

thanks so much Nicci, it was a very generous package, and lots of though went into it, i was so happy when i opened it.


1 comment:

yertle said...

You are so welcome. I was wondering how long it would take to get to you. I am glad that you are enjoying some of my favorite things.