Monday, September 22, 2008


I just wanted to share some cool tutorials and great sites i have found today.

Craft apple is a great blog with lots of great projects and patterns. She has a really interesting blog with a great sense of humour. I love the fabric she uses too.

Pink Chalk Studio has a great blog and lots of great tutorials as well. Check it out. She also has a fabric shop here as well and they are Australian too. She has some really cheerful and bright christmas prints in her shop.

Dragoknit has a great tutorial for a box shaped bag.

Puchimaiko has some cute bags for inspiration.

Planet June has some adorable ideas for crocheting and sewing.

Discovery of Today
- "Tsumami Kanzash"

Click this link to go to Mookychick which has some great info on it but basically...

"Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. One of their main features is the application of intricate little fabric flowers. With a step-by-step photo tutorial and video provided by uber-craftette Spangle, we show you how to make your own cute kanzashi flowers. These can go on brooches, bags, hairpins, fridge magnets... oh, how kawaii!"

I have added lots of links below to have a look at if you are interested

  • Kanzashi Garden - This website has lots of explainations about different types and some instructions
  • There are some photos of different ones on filckr as well
  • Jennminnis has some info on her website as well
  • Go to this page for a great chart showing all the different petals
  • SpanglySpangle as some great photos and instructions in her Flickr Photostream
  • Also Crafty Ginger has the cutest flowers also.
I might make some of these tonight, if i'm feeling better, bit sick at the moment :-(


mommaof4wife2r said...

thank you so much! i already looked at pink chalk and it is sooooo cute! now i want to get moving on my sewing again! i have some unfinished crazy quilting. yeah!

Bellgirl said...

Hi there whatkatydid, welcome to blogging! I'll be following your blog too. I love the planetjune puppy, looks just like my dog Maisy Brown- I just wish I could crochet!

I'm looking forward to enjoying your blog! All the best, Annabel