Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have been home all day and miserable :-( I had three teeth pull out last night and it was quite traumatising, and the tooth fairy didn't even come! Suppose im a bit old now! Anyway, i have been up a total of 3 hours today but noticed a great article on tutorials on Nicole M Design and at Craftster have gone through them and found some pearlers, so though i would add some here.

Scrabble Pendant Tutorial
I have seen these on Esty and though about how to make them, and now there is a tutorial for them! The websiteit is one and a great site as well, take a look.

Sewing Tips

Meikas little treasures has a ginormous list of tutorials on her blog Click here for the list.

This beautiful pleated clutch is here.

A massive list of different bag tutorials here.

Also i thought i would tell you about a sweet deal i have made with a lady that commented on my blog, she loved my little louie that i made and my DS pouch, so i am going to make here some and she is going to send me some fabric. Hoiw cool is that. I have been overwhelmed by the amounts of comments i have gotten since starting my blog. Her name is Heather and her blog is here. This is my first project for someone who has read my blog so it is very exciting for me. And when i am making her DS pouch i am going to take photos so i can post a tutorial for in on my blog. So keep watching!

Also i need to mentions SITS. Since i commented on SITS a few days ago i have had so many other SITS come and visit my blog. It's all about recognising other bloggers and supporting them with comments. It's a wonderful site and does amazing things to help blogs connect to each other.


Emily said...

I just found you and SITS and LOVE your blog. Cute ideas! I will be back!

Ronnica said...

Congrats on being a saucy blog this week! I love SITS too!

I'm sorry to hear that the tooth fairy didn't come. That's the good thing about losing a tooth! I actually went to the dentist today myself and found out I have 4 cavities. Boo...

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Speaking of SITS, we're visiting from SITS! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! 3 teeth? I hope you feel better so you can be sipping frapuccinos soon.
I've seen that tutorial for scrabble tile pendants and I've been

Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog...I'm going to do the same for you when you get your Etsy shop up and running (there's some good free advertising, huh?).

Going to the fabric store tomorrow when the kiddos are at school. I'll let you know what I find!

You're right, this is fun!