Friday, September 5, 2008


So i am back at work today with a sore mouth after have 2 days off. Boo Hoo. The worst thing is i have to go through it all again in a week and a half. Any body got an tips for sore mouths? (other than to take a lot of drugs!)

Little Birdie Secrets
A lovely lady left me a comment the other day and she has a great blog,
Little Birdie Secrets, lots of tutorials for Baby related stuff and cute little makeup bags and dresses. Have a look. I love the Baby Coat Hangers (picture to the left) tutorial she has as well. Also she has the best Nursing Cover i have seen so far, it includes some boning so you can always see your bub. I love all this stuff and can't wait to make some, (and to have a baby to use them with, in the meantime i will just use everyone else's babies! I have my first nephew coming soon)

I will posting some things i am making over the weekend and i am currently making an Esty shop, how exciting, stay tuned...


mommaof4wife2r said...

i got a fab nursing cover with the boning you are talking about on Etsy (my fav place in the world)! it's totally amazing! my suggestion for momma's wanting to make one...light weight fabric...nursing Mom's are hot (and not just in the saucy way)...and patterned material to keep the baby's eyes busy as they get older.


Little Birdie Secrets said...

Thanks so much for featuring us! We love your blog so much! So glad we found each other's blogs!!

Heather said...

Hope you're mouth is getting to feel better soon. Have you tried swishing with warm salt water? My mom used to give me that all the time, helps your mouth heal faster.

So sorry the tooth fairy didn't come; does she really go all the way to Australia?!