Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things to Do

Hello, Everyone, sorry for my disapperance for the last few days, i have had the flu and have been busy getting things ready for the our Hockey Presentation Night, i have organised team photos for all members of the club, designed certificates, designed a cake top, printed and sewn Minor Premier Penants, so i have been busy. I also am in the middle of a 12 Week Fitness Challenge at my gym, ( i have lost 2.6 kilos!) So i haven't had much free time afterwork to bum around sewing and stuff.

I have my Inlaws coming this weekend and my parents and my beautiful Step Daugther coming next weekend too.. Busy Busy Busy!

I have one thing on my list of to do's , which is a Nintendo DS cover for Kathleen in America, i have sewn her a Louie the Sausage Dog, so i should have those ready to send off (along with some little things freom the land of OZ) by next Tuesday.

Today i plan to find a new project to do when i have time next

Craftester has a good tutorial for a big tote.

Or i could do some stuff for my new nephew that is coming in January. I think some Bibs. and some Booties!

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Heather said...

Hey, let's ship our things off the same day to each other, and see which of us gets her package first! You say Tuesday? I'm going to get the fabric for you this weekend, so that would work out great for me. I'm so excited...

And you do mean Heather, not Kathleen, right?

Just checking...