Friday, March 19, 2010

Peanut Update

I'm 20 Weeks Now! Any this is my beautiful baby, Peanut.

Everything is 100% normal (as normal as someone like my Husband and I can produce). We have chosen not to find out what sex the baby is, which i have found is a nightmare when shopping for things - the only choices i have are green and yellow! - oh well - i will have to start sewing again.

During the 20 week scan i had a very shy baby - hands and arms in front of the face during the whole thing.

Sorry - no photos! What a cute little hand!

My camera has decided to stop working but i have sanded and painted the change table and the next mission is the cot - once they are done i am going to start making some bedding etc.

I am feeling really good - except for the extra 7 kilos i am lugging around which i swear is mostly in my gigantic boobs, the ultrasound lady pleasantly reminded me that the baby still has to get 10 times bigger than it is right now - holy crap - i feel so taut and stretched already!

Other than searching for the ultimate pram (is there one?) and waiting, waiting and waiting i haven't been up to much. I plan to sew and making things but never get around to it - instead i am organising my craft room still after our move last November.

This is me and my protruding belly at 18 weeks (Yes i was only 18 weeks, no i am not having twins) as my Friend Jo's little girl, Neve said - you are going to have a very big baby!

And this is a random - but very impressive Bromeliad flower just just sprouted in 2 days in my garden, it is the length of my arm!
Well that's it for today- i know my craft blog has gone to the dogs but i haven't given up hope - hopefully you won't either!


Liam's Mummy said...

Gorgeous baby pics. We went with the surprise for both of ours and have no regrets. White clothes are always nice too. I don't think you are that huge, heaps of room for growth there! Impressive bromeliad!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Wow - ultrasound photos have become quite sophisticated in the last few years. What a lovely record to have of your cutie.

We also opted for surprises for both the boys too, which was really fun (apart from the shopping). I was enormous during both pregnancies ... people loved to ask if I was having twins. As it turned out it was just two monster babies (10lb 1oz and then the lightweight younger brother, 9lb 6oz). They were very cuddly!

Heather said...

You look adorable, Katy!

I was all baby with every one of my pregnancies, and in maternity clothes at SIX weeks with Gabe. I constantly was asked if I was having twins...grrr!

So glad to hear you're doing well! Peanut will be adorable.