Friday, March 19, 2010

Calling All Mums and Dads!

All you Mummys and Daddys out there - i would love to here your thoughts on:

Baby's Items/Products You Couldn't Live Without?

Prams - What Prams are Best/Worst?

Best Piece of Baby Advice.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Liam's Mummy said...

Definitely get a capsule. We had the Safe'n'Sound one that clips into the pram. You can get baby in and out of the car without waking him/her. This was even more useful the second time around as sometimes you need two hands to deal with a toddler and you can put the baby down.

If you are planning to have another any time soon, you should also look at prams that will take a toddler seat.

CGDK said...

Shall have to come back to add my top baby items.... and i'm sure i'll think of heaps of advice but for right now....
1/ do excersize as per any physio/dr suggests afterwards -I was too scared I'd hurt myself (post ceaser)and now I've still got a big belly!
2/ try to buy a large bra to wear to bed -a couple of sizes bigger to be comfy, it does help in those 1st weeks when you feel like exploding!
3/ if you need help ASK! and rest as much as you can!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

We found the Phil & Ted's pram pretty good, especially if you think you might have a second that is close in age(er, not usually something you are thinking ahead to at 20 weeks, mind!).

Some products I really liked were: Grobag sleeping bags (you could make something similiar I think - I couldn't sew at the time), the Goldbug "Safe Change", the "Safe-T-Sleep" sleep-wrap and the Medela "Pump in style" breast pump (freedom!!!). Some of them are expensive new, but eBay can turn up some bargains.

Best piece of advice ... listen politely to everyone's advice and then do what you think best for you and your baby!

Jetta's Nest said...

Hey exciting!!!

My best pram tip is just to wait until as late as you can to pick one. I got mine quite early and then I kept seeing ones that I liked better and it was too late! I had a steelcraft jogger and couldn't fault it even after two boys.

Best baby item - probably a copy of Baby Love by Robin Barker. It's fantastic and real and answered every question I ever had. Both my boys have also had the Fisher Price musical things that hang on the side of the cot (not a mobile) with lights and moving bits and gentle music and they both loved them at sleep time.

Best piece of baby advice - trust your instincts and enjoy!


CGDK said...

I'm back with more -but I see I've been beaten to it!
I also recommend those sleeping growbags. I found once baby stopped being wrapped that the blankets & sheets were constantly kicked off (still are!)
I had some made in knits with long & short sleeves and winter ones in fleece (both with & without sleeves). Make sure they have a Looong opening for ease of instertion & nappy changes.

Missie Krissie said...

Hi, how exciting, your first!
My best advice for the birth of your child is just try to take it as it comes. I was so worried with the birth of my first and so uptight that it went for way longer than it should have. And I ended up with an epidural. But with my second I just used the gas and took everything one step at a time, trusting people around me to do their job. He was delivered naturally and with no pain relief other than the gas. And I recovered much quicker. :)
When I had a newborn, the best advice anyone gave me was to have them up for 20-30 mins and then back to bed for 1-2 hours during the day. I had been struggling to turn around my baby's sleeping from being wide awake at night! So I did this and within 2 days he was sleeping through the night :)
My fave piece of equipment is my Steelcraft Strider pram :)
Lastly as already said, trust your instincts!
Good luck!

Anna Bartlett said...

Just hire the capsule from the ambulance (about $66). My sister in law bought the one that clips onto the pram, and it was seriously heavy even without the baby in it, and her bub grew out of it in 4 months. You can have the ambulance one for up to 6 months and they fit it for you.

Get a pram you can fold up with one hand and preferably has a forward/backward handle so you can see the baby while they're little, and they can face out when they're older. And make sure it fits into your boot!

A growbag is great - ours is by merino kids and is wool, so good for a lot of the year. Fits up til 2 years.

Just remember a plan is good, but the birth, however memorable, is only one day (hopefully not longer!) and even if things don't go according to plan, if you've got a living, breathing baby, that's all you need.

And it is so wonderful!

I've just had my last baby (5 pregnancies, 4 living children) and I wish you every joy on this neverending journey!

Bellgirl said...

I agree about the car capsule- I hired ours from the council.

The pram with bassinet was a great thing for us- it was our Bug's bed on holidays. My pram is an Emmalunga from the op shop, and is ideal for all-road travel because we walk our dog in the park. It's a rocking pram so it's a very comfy ride. And it can face forward and backwards so I can talk to my Bug while we walk. it's still great and he's three now. However, it's big and heavy, not one for the car.

Anonymous said...

New to your youngest child is Katy too! :)
The best mom advice I have is...plans are great, but remember that thinking and changing plans works too...often, the best laid plans go haywire...often because of poop, pee or puke. Make sure that your pram(or stroller here in Nebraska) is tall enough to push comfortably. My tall husband finally found the one he liked, after testing them again and again in the store.
Good luck and I am loving your blog!
Mary Anne
from the Midwest USA