Friday, September 11, 2009

Kookaburra Sits Wall Decal

I had an order for a super large Kookaburra Sits Wall Decal. She has an awkwardly shaped stairwell that she couldn't find any art she like to fit so she got me to design a tree branch with some native birds to fit in the space. I thought i would show you guys some pictures of the process...
The Design

I buy the vinyl in big rolls, which come in 600mm or 1200mm wide. I use a top quality vinyl, Avery, in removable matt, this job is in brown - My Favourite Colour!

The Mimaki Vinyl Cutter

I create the files which needs to be all outlines, and send it to the cutter. I load the roll on vinyl on and CUT! Even though i have been doing this a while i always get nervous when it is cutting.. so i cross my fingers and watch it the whole time like hawk!

Once the vinyl is cut i roll it out onto a table and then "Weed" out the areas that i don't need, leave the beautiful design...I love watching it slowly be revealed as i weed the parts out.

Weeding out the vinyl

And then all that is left is my kookaburra design, because it so big it is 3 parts, with 5mm overlap.

What i have left to do it place a layer of "Application Tape" over the top, this attached to the vinyl only and not the backing paper. So when you go to apply the decal you peel off the backing paper, and place it on your wall, give it a good rubbing (we all like a good rubbing) and then slowly peel the backing paper back on itself, leaving you one kick arse wall decal!

Hopefully when the lady installs it she will send me some photo so i can show you.

And there ends my lesson in creating a wall decal....hope you are having a lovely day.

For those of you interested i had a complete shocker at the driving range last night, complete schmozzle, hope i will get my shit together on Sunday! Otherwise i will embarrass my husband infront of all his work mates! Heheheh!


Gina Denholm said...

I'd always wondered how these are done... very edumacational!

Kylie said...

That's so cool... Your decal is fabulous! Good luck with the golf :) K

jodie said...

wow ! is there anything you can't do?

Monsoons & Mangoes said...

Yes, we do indeed all love a good rubbing!! LOL

LOVE the decal! how clever you are!! :)

Lola Nova said...

Wow, thank you for sharing that process, fascinating. Beautiful design!

Guest said...

That is awesome, Katy! My parents owned a sign shop when I was growing up that I had to help with so I am VERY familiar with the process!! TOO familiar! I wish they still had that shop so I could make awesome things (for free) for my house! I might get a little carried away!

Ashley said...

That was me by the way.... forgot to 'sign in'!

sandrine said...

Interesting to see what is involved to make decals...Your kokaburra designs is very nice.So much vinyl are you able to use the off cuts?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow, fabulous decal! I have still yet to design a decal for the bub's room (which to be honest, as she's in with us at the moment, is a "dump the baby's stuff room), I'm thinking I should purchase one of your designs. Will talk to you about it soon.