Monday, July 20, 2009

Funky Curtains

When i was younger i thought the curtains in our loungeroom were pretty cool, i loved looking at the patterns and colours, maybe it is where my love of brown came from!! We have these curtains and a orange velvet couch - My Mum's taste was very funky!

Now they are mine.... all mine... (insert evil laugh like the witch from Wizard of Oz)

I am going to hang them up on a curtian rail for my 1970s party, just over a month away... extremely excited! It's nearly time to start my dress.

I have found the right fabric, Erin McMorris's Floral Swirl. I got some in my swap from Rachel at Two Windmills and it was perfect - talk about luck!! Thanks Rachel!


amy said...

those curtains are COOL. i love the lines! oh how i LOVE lines... :) also, the curtains manage to look old and new at the same time, sneaky.

Shelagh G said...

Am really enjoying all your fun and creative posts. When you are finished with the party festivities possibly we can talk about showing some of your creations at the shop? Although we have a big reputation in 'scrapbooking' we do a lot of other craft based activities, altered art, mixed media and lots of invitiations.