Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner!!

Good Morning Everyone, i hope you had a good weekend....

The winner of my Pouch Giveaway is Missie Krissie, the random number generator was nice to me and gave me number 5 - so i didn't have to concentrate and count :-) Happy days!

Missie Krissie is having a baby in 1 week too - so she will have plenty if baby bits and pieces to keep inside.

So, Missie Krissie, email me your address and your Elephantas Zebras and Hippos will be in the mail this week..

If you are really sad and want your own pouch - pop me a message and i will make some and put them in the shop!.

Stay Tuned for Follow the Followers Later today....


Heather said...

Congrats to Missie Chrissie...that pouch will be perfect for baby stuff!

And I love that you said winner winner chicken dinner. I say that to my kids, and they just look at me like, "what?".

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