Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Week One

This week i have gone back, waaay back, to some of my first ever followers.

When i was new to blogging the idea that someone actually wanted to read the dribble i gone on with was completely surprising! These are some of the first ladies i sucked in...(insert evil laugh here :-)

Tonya from "Currently Crafting" makes wonderful things, she has a great tutorial for little hair accessories here..

Curly Pops is a talented lady who is famous for her Teatowel aprons, her shop is here.

Carleen from Revised Images and Wind Screamers. Carleens Revised Image are photoshoped images, how cute is it! She can do one for you too! Carleen is the only blog person i have met in person :-)

Tinnie Girl is a very creative lady who makes lots of this including collages and tins of vintage sewing goodies. Her shop is here,

Heather from "This is the Day..." is my American Friend, she writes the most beautiful posts about life and her wonderful family. This is her son Gabe and the Superman cape i made he for his Sausage Dog.

Columbia Lily is another creative lady - she has been working on a pattern for a very cool bag. Columbia Lily won one of the first ever giveaways i did a loooong time ago for a Birdie Sling Bag i made.

Paisley Jade makes the cutest Softies, this one is called Wesley and can be found in her shop. She also has a mischievous puppy like me :-) and her husband has a blog! (i can't imagine my husband having a blog - i think it would be extremely amusing but all about Star Trek )

Le from Third on the Right writes hilarious posts about life. Her latest trials with phone companies have been extremely amusing. She always leaves me happy supportive comments which i really appreciate. She also has some funny t-shirts you can buy here.

Thankyou ladies for supporting me, by following my blog, by leaving positive comments when i need a bit of a chin up!


CurlyPops said...

Thanks for including me amongst that lovely list of crafty ladies!
Keep on dribbling...

CGDK said...

You are always welcome! Thanks for including me too -I always drop by here for some inspiration.

Columbia Lily said...

Aw thanks!!! That was a nice surprise!!

PaisleyJade said...

Thank you for the mention - I can't believe I missed this one!