Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Sewing Goodness

Getting back to sewing after all my jewellery posts! Here is a little list of some cool tutorials.

How to Make a Gathered Jersey Skirt - from Altered Cloth
You could make this with Thea an Sami Organic Jersey!

Noriko Handbag Pattern from Lazy Girl Designs - very cool indeed - very Japaneesey

Some Recycled Slippers from Old Blankets from Sew Green

A HUGH list of cool tutorials down the right hand sife of the Making It Fun Blog - a must see. Including a very comfy looking Bean Bag Chair.

A cool car organiser from the May Fly.

Get Sewing!!


edward and lilly said...

Great round up Katy, so wish I had some time at the moment to make some of those slippers, they look cosy!

CGDK said...

oh thank you - I need 1 or 2 of those back seat organisers. Shall go for a look.

Heather said...

Um, yep, I'm leaving the sewing to you, girlie.

I did just buy a skirt like the one at the top. Key word: buy. You know me, I don't sew.

I will be making a special card just for you, though. In August :)

Anonymous said...

I love messages too! :)
Those slippers are so cool!