Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday Necklace - A 2nd Shortlist

After the last post i had a few suggestions from some blogging friends!

Eriven's Suggestions (Katherine the second link didn't work can you send it to me again?)
Red Whisper from the Blue Mountains, near where i group up.
Daisy or Zinnia Flower Pendant

Art Nouveau Dragonfly Pendant

Tre of Life Pendant

Curly Pops Suggestions
Missie Krissie - who also won my giveway!
She makes beautiful stamped jewellery.
Victoria Mason
Happy Bird Necklace
I absolutely love these ones.

the good scissors necklace


mandapanda said...

You don't know what a katydid is?! lol I thought that was one of the twists of your blog name. What Katey Did, what katydid? You know?
Did you look them up? Here's a couple of my favourite picture links for you if you haven't (or even if you had!)

Good luck on finding a necklace!! Looks to be a hard choice.. Let us know when you do!
Amanda. xx

CGDK said...

its going to be a hard decision I think!

Danielle said...

Saw this website and thought you may like some of the designs: