Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Necklace - A Shortlist

My 30th is coming up and i am shopping for a necklace that will last me my next 30 years... I am looking for something silver, (i get allergic to anything else) and something interesting..

Here is the shortlist:-

Rachel Sudlow
Double Cicada Lines Necklace
Absolutely gorgeous... the wings are lose so they sit perfectly at the right angle when they are worn.

Water Lilly Necklace

I am worried i might be allergic to this but it is BEAUTIFUL!

Ceeb Wassermann * Howlingdog

Large Moeko Pendant on Long Thin Chain

This pendant was the first one i feel in love with about 6 months ago, I love the Japanese feel to it.

Ikebana Pendant

Tree of Life - Prehnite and Sterling Necklace

Whooter -

Carnelian and Sterling Necklace

Carnelian is my birthstone ...
Cherry Blossom

ANDROGYNOUS I could get "made by (my parents names)" and my birth date on the side.
I would love to buy Australian so if you - or someone you know - makes jewellery let me know!!


Leslie said...

Those are all great necklaces and a great idea for a 30th birthday. I personally like the Tree of Life or the Cicada necklace myself. But it's a hard choice, all being so beautiful!

mandapanda said...

If you want to find something really unique in sterling sliver, head to your nearest "gypsy/witch" store. I really hate the spell books and good luck stones and buddas and what the shops stand for, but you can find some awesome beautiful jewelery in them. That's where I found my favourite lizard ring. It's solid sterling silver and only cost AU$10! Every other lizard anything I've looked at has cost twice if not more than that! One of my lizards names is Jasper, and I collect the jasper stones to dress up his tank, and I find a lot of different ones in these shops as well. I even found one called "lizard jasper"! Oh wait, that was at the Brisbane airport...Oh well!
Out of the necklaces you've chosen though, I love the Cicada Wings. You could say they were katydid wings instead, as they're practially the same! Anyway, let us know what you choose!

CurlyPops said...

They're all so gorgeous!
Other aussies to check out are:
Victoria Mason
Missie Krissie

Heather said...

I'm voting for Tree of Life, too.

They are all really pretty, though. Good luck choosing the "right" one.

When is your birthday?

Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

eriven said...

Oh I love the Cicada Lines necklace, want one for myself! My yard used to get overrun with cicadas when I was little.

Here are two artists local to me who make jewellery.
Red Whisper
David Loong

Good luck choosing, there are so many lovelies on your wishlist.