Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Art History - Marimekko

Ihmemaa "Wonderland"

I have a real interest in Art History, and past designers. So i thought i would start doing a few posts every now and then about different designers.
It will force me to broaden my horizons ( and hopefully yours!) and maybe give me some inspirations.


"Marimekko Corporation is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company that was established in 1951. Vivid colors and large scale patterns helped Marimekko establish Finland as a source of cutting-edge style in the 1950’s. Some of those same innovative and bold patterns have led to the resurgence of Marimekko in the design world today. Once again at the top of fashion, Marimekko's unique style reaches across generations."

There designs are so big, bright and beautiful.

Unikko in Red and White & Taikamylly
Ho - Hoi & Keisarinna

Places to find out more:-

Finnish Gifts Sell their fabric (oooooo!!) along with a range of bags and gifts. Image buying a big piece of their fabric and making into into a wall hanging!

The Marimekko website has heaps of stuff and a store location finder, there are some stores in Australia that stock Marimekko, including Make Designed Gifts
store in Melbourne.

Next Designer post i will do on my favrouite of all time - Charles Rennie Macintosh!!... but i would love to know....Who are your favourite designers?


junbug said...

Those are really beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing!

Jessica said...

As luck would have it my favourite designer IS Rennie Macintosh so I'm really looking forward to your next post!

Danielle said...

Florence Broadhurst is a long standing favourite of mine for her amazing printwork, I also love that dynamic design duo Charles and Ray Eames, and if you love Macintosh then I hope you've been to Glasgow - OMG, I went there a few years ago for a conference and soaked up the art deco splendour - Tea at the famous Willow Tea Rooms and wandered around the wonderful School of Arts! Can't wait for the next Art History posting!

~Valentina~ said...

Ooohh.. thanks for this! you don't have an idea how much I *LOVE* Marimekko :)

Christina Lowry said...

When we went to Scotland we visited a lot of the buildings he designed and had tea and cake in one of the tea houses he designed. I brought a black leather journal embossed and printed with his designs... love it!

I love Florence Broadhurst too. What an unconventional woman with such a sad death. Lucienne Day made some iconic designs too.

le @ thirdontheright said...

ohhhh just lovely - yum yum le