Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art History - Lucienne Day

Post 1 - Marimekko
Post 2 - Charles Rennie Macintosh

This Art History post features Lucienne Day - a designer suggested by A Little Birdie Told Me.

Lucienne Day
Born in 1917 in England and was one of the more significant Britich Textile Desiners in the post-scond world war period. She was married to famous funiture designer Robin Day and became a famous design couple and were compared to Charles and Ray Eames, Amercian desingers for the same period.

Robin and Lucienne Day. Image from Design Museum.

Sequoia - Image from Classic Texiles.
Sunrise - Image from Classic Texiles. (I love this - i need it for my party!

Larch - Image from Classic Texiles.
Her most famous design "Calyx" Image from The SillyBooDilly.

There are range of cushions avilable at Spirografica.

That's it for Art History today - Class dismissed!!

Next Art History will be on Charles and Ray Eames... off to find out some info and cool designs!
Any suggestions for future Art History are welcome :-)


Lejay said...

Love the designs. I really enjoy your blog. Like the new look too.
Look forward to your next art lesson!

Kylie said...

LoVE LOVE LOVE Lucienne day - so cool. Great post. :) K

Sandrine said...

Thanks for the lesson;)Like your bold banner;)