Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thailand - Patterns and Colours

I know, i have been missing in action for a while now. I came back from Thailand and was exhausted, then we picked up our new Labrador puppy Bella on Friday night - ggeeezzzz - what a handful! So i have been useing my blogging time on Dogs Online Forum getting advice on things from sleeping to separation anxiety! She is an angel now ;-)

Hopefully this week i will be able to do something creative - albeit making a dog quilt. But i am going to use some Op Shop material and use it to start learning some quilting skills. Atleast Bella will grow up with an appreciation of crafts and colour combinations.

Below i have put some pictures of patterns and colours that i came across in Thailand. Their temples are the most ornate and beautiful places to visit. Beautful painting, tiles, roofs, gates....

Below is a photo i took of some fireworks, i love the pattern it has created.

So please be patient with me! I will be crafty again soon!

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