Friday, January 23, 2009

New Decal Design

I am going to make a bit more of an effect at getting my decal designs organised and here is a new decal design that i will be putting into my shop, it is a Cherry Blossom design that you can have all in one colour or the flowers a different colour.

I took this design from a vase i found in an Op Shop (or as my friend Jo calls them, "Treasure Shop", doesn't that sound more mysterious?)

The minimum size it would be available is around 1metre long because of the detail.There is a variety of colours available. So many combinations..

I am planning to move my shop over to when they get there new site up and running as i want to focus on Australian buyers.

What's something you would love to have on your wall?


CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, it's gorgeous...and would be ever so fabulous printed in the same 70's colours as the vase.

CGDK said...

that's so pretty -it'd look great on a wall.

Ashley said...

These are beautiful!

I left you an award on Friday. Come by and pick it up!!!

le @ thirdontheright said...

ohh I love this - very spec ...

also blog looks great matey - nice work - le

Princess Kirstie said...

Well that is just so cute, I can hear the wee birdies twittering away. I like having some colour in the flowers 'cause more is always more don't you think? What about some retro style type flowers, you know big and bold- inspiration from the treasure shops. But then I like wallpaper that clashes with itself.