Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clever Quilters

So im still contemplating trying my first quilt, i have been organising my fabric stash, trimming and folding into colours, there is so much inspiration on the web including these ladies below who make quilts in the Improv style i like. Alot i think is about having an eye for colour and combining the right fabrics.

Alissa at HandMadeByAlissa

Alissa creates such beautiful Improv Quilts, I love her use of colours. I wonder how many fat quarters in how many types of fabrics are required to make a quilt like this?

The lady behind the Improv Quilting group is Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio. She has lots of info about creating Improv blocks.

There is also Malka at StitchinDye. Look at this beautiful cushion she has made!

Check out this quilt made by Nettie at A Quilt is Nice.
You also have to take a look at these cool little puches made by Megan at Philistine Made. They have a cute little strip of quilted fabric, so simple but so cool... think i will have to try this!

An awesome Australian fabric shop Material Obsession has a great website where you can pick a colour and it will show the fabrics that match that colour, i love it, this should help me when ordering fabric for my first quilt!

So any quilters out there, can you let me know how much fabric is needed to make a quilt?


Alissa said...

Thanks for the mention Katy!!

scargosun said...

I have a quilt I started like 2 years ago. I so need to finish it. Sigh. I really think that the size you want for the quilt is directly related to the amount of fabric and the design. I was doing basic blocks of 4x4 and I was only limited by the availability of the fabric I liked. Calculate out from the blocks you want to use. Allowing for the seam overlap and you can go from there.