Friday, January 16, 2009

Loving Fridays

Well i am joining in on Loving Fridays. Go to Tinnie Girl to join in.

1) I am loving this Friday because it isn't too busy at work and i have had a chance to have a bit of a looksee around the web and have found some cool things..

I am in love with this picture The Shipwrecked, by Raquel Aparicio.

I also found a blog called Film in the Fridge
The Talent Lady (i can't find her name!) at File In The Fridge makes the most wonderful quilts. The old school type of the quilt styles not appeal to me but her style definitely does. Her use of prints and colours in awesome. This quilt below uses different types of flower patterns with white fabric, so simple but very effective
She takes inspiration from Tall Grass Prairie Studio, which shows a great image of how to go about building the blocks., though i think i will be doing it at a smaller scale!

This style appeals to me because i love the randomness of each panel and the ability to play around with colours and shapes. Of course being able to raid my fabric scraps and the fact i only have to sew in straight lines is appealing also!

2) I am also loving this Friday, coz tonight i get to go and hang out with my new nephew Seb, babies are such an oddity to me and i am eger to learn everything i can about them, even changing nappies!

Other than that i am just looking forward to some rest before i have to go into hospital on Tuesday for an "Uncomfortable" procedure... go here to read one of the funniest things i have read in ages that describes what i will be going through next Monday and Tuesday.... If you have been through it before any encourage words would be much appreciated!! Scary Shit !! (literally)..


Tinniegirl said...

Dear oh dear, you better have a fabulous weekend in preparation. Thanks for joining in. I'll send some happy Love Friday thoughts to you at the start of the week.

Ashley said...

What a fun weekend. Babies are the best!