Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First Yudu in 18 months!

I did a spot of Yudu'ing today. It took me 1 hour and a half to dig it out from under the loft bed in the spare room from behind the golf clubs and boxes. But now it is taking pride and place again on the dining table - where it should be!

I made my little boy Max a very cool T-Shirt - simple but i think it looks super cool. I just used the template method - not a properly exposed screen. I just cut out the letters from some sticker and stuck it on the back of the screen. So it's a genuine "One-Off" design!
You can see here the sticker stuck on the reverse of the screen IMPORTANT NOTE: when you do it this way you need to reverse the design (yep i forgot the first time and had to recut it! It's be a while!)
I put on the paint - i did it long ways. And there you go! When he wakes up tomorrow morning i will whack it on him and take another photo!

And here is apicture of Max today at the beach for good measure - damn i make good babies!

He looks very pensive. There is a word of the day for ya!


Liam's Mummy said...

Good to see you have the Yudu out again. It's very rewarding being able to create things for the kids. Your little man is very handsome.

Heather said...

Great idea for a shirt! Can't wait to see what other "boy" creations you come up with!

And yes, you do make good babies. He is adorable!