Friday, July 22, 2011

One Year On

It's been a year since the birth of my beautiful boy Max. It has gone so fast and been amazing to watch something we created grow up so quickly. Look at him!

We are so lucky. He has had no problems whatsoever. He is a extremely happy kid, if i keep him feed and well rested he is just happy all the time. He giggles at everything and makes everyone around him smile. Such a beautiful, gentle nature. I am hoping to get crafting again so - i can feel the bug coming back! I get emails about my Yudu and it makes me want to screen print Max some shirts! Stay Tuned!


Rie said...

He is sooooo sweet! You're a very lucky mum! I remember reading your birthing experience when I was pregnant (with first child).. it had me in tears! I'm so happy that you & your family are happy.

BTW.. I was window shopping on Ebay today & there are Yudo's on there for $1.99 from the US with $90 postage... do you think it's worth purchasing??

Unknown said...

Would you believe I was visiting your blog recently and wondering where you had gone? Anyway, good to see you are still around. A year goes fast, doesn't it.

Heather said...

Katy, I am so glad you finally posted again! I have been worried! Gabe was just asking about you the other day...yes, he still has his "magic" sausage dog from Australia, with the Superman cape still on :)

Max is adorable! Please post some more pics!

Robyn said...

I have been wondering where you are and if everything is fine in your life. Thanks for the update. I can't believe our babies are 1 already!